Solve This!
Summer Residential Governor's School
Lynchburg College
July 2011

Class Projects Individual Final Projects
At Most 8 Primes Andrew Hoskins
Binary Operation Cole Songer
Euler's Brick Daniel Valenzuela
Final Digit Deepak Chelluri
Integer Solutions Harrison Sweeney
Integer Solutions 2 Jacob Higgins
No Integer Solutions Jessica Patton
Odd Coefficients Justin Deaver
Parity Problems Kelvin Niu
Product of Diagonals Lisa Moskowitz
Pursue Parity 6 Nanzhu Chen
Sequence of Sequences Poorva Arora
Square Root of Prime Irrational Priya Venkatraman
The Counterfeit Coins Suka Nguyen
Tie Breaker Vignesh Kuppusamy
Ying-Yang Division Zac Conner